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About Us

In 2003, Richmond locals Ric Withers and Chuck Aiken had a great idea: printing should be easy for everyone. So, they established Wythken Printing.

Located in Downtown Richmond, Virginia, Wythken offers digital and offset printing for businesses, non-profits and VCU faculty, staff and students. Whether you need five posters or 50,000 business cards, Wythken will make it easy for you. Our experienced Graphic Design team can even help you design your project.

But printing shouldn’t just be easy. It should be quick, cost-effective and top quality. Our staff is professionally educated and trained in printing technology, so we can produce the best products for your organization to fit your budget and schedule. We also make sure our staff is trained in customer service, so they can walk you through the entire process. Even if you don’t know what kind of paper you need, just come to the shop on Grace Street and a Wythken team member will help you compare and choose the perfect stock from our vast selection.

Want to know a little more about us? Call the shop at (804) 353-8282 and chat with any of our staff.

About Ric & Chuck

Ric Withers

If you have a question about printing, you need to call Ric Withers. After 20 years in this industry, he’s worked with big companies, small companies, companies that manufacture printing and companies that buy printing. In addition to his work at Wythken, Ric also serves on the Board of Directors for the Printing Industries of Virginia and the Virginia State Trade Association, and he teaches in the Department of Graphic Design at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts. Ric holds a M.S. in Print Media from the Rochester Institute of Technology. To get in touch with Ric, just call (804) 353-8282 or email rwithers@wythken.com.

Chuck Aiken

Charles "Chuck" Aiken has spent the last twenty years leading both the sales efforts and day-to-day operations of small businesses. Chuck brings a unique ability to swiss replica watches think quickly and creatively, producing “out of the box” business ideas. And, to be sure, Chuck has the energy to drive those ideas forward. His passion for this business is evident in everything he does. Go ahead, make Chuck’s day: e-mail him at caiken@wythken.com.