Pandemic Perseverance: How Did Wythken Printing Push Through?

Caring for Customers During COVID | Wythken Printing

The COVID-19 era has been tough on businesses across the world. Unfortunately, it’s not quite over yet. However, Wythken Printing was extremely blessed to remain open throughout the pandemic as an essential business. Even though the situation wasn’t exactly rosy, we were able to continue providing high-demand products (like social distancing signage) that helped other local businesses reopen and ramp up their marketing efforts to bring back their customers. 

If there’s one thing to know about Wythken Printing, it’s this: we don’t settle. We push ourselves to create the best work we can for our customers because that’s the Wythken way. Even the pandemic couldn’t change that. In fact, our response to COVID-19 was to continue doing what any reliable printing service does best — print even more! 

We continue to provide all of our services in these challenging times by creatively adapting to the changing circumstances. We saw fewer faces in person, but more orders for direct mail, online orders, virtual consultations, and contactless pick-up orders as a result of our choice to work remotely. These solutions were put into place to combat the challenges that came with the implications of running a business during a pandemic. Even though we were challenged in a number of ways, our COVID-19 response was to continue working and supporting our customers remotely. We came to work every day, followed our general process of receiving orders and producing them, and even increased our mail and shipping of products!

Our ability to adapt has allowed our Richmond-based business to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and grow our sales while assisting our surrounding communities in any way we could. Wythken will continue to face any problem head-on to do what’s best for our customers.

COVID-19 hasn’t stopped us from making great work for our customers. Start your project with us today!

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