The Future of Printing: Why Sustainable Printing Companies Matter

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Sustainability is Wythken’s middle name — that is if we had one. You’ll never see our dumpster filled because we’re too busy putting our garbage to good use. Our time isn’t spent taking the trash out back. Instead, we give our printing supplies a second chance. To us, it’s easier (and cooler) being Richmond, VA’s green printing service.

We see trash as a pain in the cash. For us, sustainable printing is a no-brainer. Why send unnecessary waste to the landfill when we can salvage some of those perfectly good materials and pass the savings on to our clients? Recycling, reusing, and repurposing ink, paper scraps, and empty cartridges are sustainable practices we live by every day. Sure, it saves us money too, but more importantly, it saves our environment.  

Being green is great but don’t just take our word for it. In 2019, the Printing United Alliance recognized Wythken Printing for our eco-friendly efforts with the SGIA Sustainable Business Recognition Award. 

Printing services can lead to a lot of waste, but instead of being wasteful, we’re wishful. Our goals have always been to maximize creativity, minimize impact, and keep the planet beautiful. The problem we’ve seen in the printing industry is not the number of businesses being mindful of sustainability, but how few actively choose to utilize and live by sustainable printing practices. We’ve tackled this challenge head-on by shifting our focus to using technology more effectively. Our people manage the technology that creates the products as we conduct our work practices around automation.

Wythken chooses sustainability because it’s not just our obligation, but also our passion.

Looking for sustainable printing solutions in Richmond, VA? Get a custom quote from us today — printed on recycled, sustainably sourced paper of course!

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