Meet Wythken Printing Owner Ric Withers

Meet Ric Withers | Wythken Printing

Founder, Printer, Rockstar — What Can’t Ric Withers Do?

Who is Ric Withers and why should you get to know him and his Richmond print shop? We’re glad you asked.

Ric Withers started off at VCU in 1996 studying English Literature which led him to work for the student newspaper, The Commonwealth Times, as his first “job” in printing. As a kid, he “played” with computers by writing simple programs on their mainframes, which prepared him for his first official printing job that used the first digital printing system by Xerox. The mix of technology, computer science, publishing, and color science got him hooked on the industry and Ric went on to get his graduate degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a specialization in color science and workflow systems. In 2003, the opportunity arose to create his own print shop in Richmond, Virginia, and Wythken Printing was born.

Ric’s vision for Wythken Printing revolves around helping others, and he firmly believes there is nothing more satisfying than solving the “unsolvable” problem. Every project’s success is what he bases the team’s success on. He’s gone as far as to say they will twist themselves into pretzels to ensure a project’s success — now that’s dedication!

His fascination with history and printing repairs is the same spirit that drives Wythken’s focus on sustainability. Just as the letterpress transcends time and needs care, he believes the same of the Earth. Sustainability is Wythken’s obligation.

Over the years, he’s had many successes outside of his usual printing gig. He’s been a rock band guitarist, published poet and author, husband to Christina for 20 years, and father to their two teens, Nate and Olivia.

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